Data Science Shows Promise In India

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 “Data is the new oil”, if you are aware of the current picture of the global tech world, you would know the implications of Clive Humbly’s words. Data is the most sought after raw material by most enterprises today the reasons are variegated depending upon the product or the services that a certain company is handing out. The fact that matters is the amount of data generated every day is way out of human comprehension; try 100 terabytes, the amount of data uploaded daily to Facebook. The immeasurable amount or structured and unstructured data gathered through various sources is what is used to get general as well as personalized ideas about certain consumer bases or a particular customer. This is what we call data driven insights.

It is not that gaining insights about a people or a system by analyzing data is a new thing but with the advent of smart phones, easy access to the internet and the internet of things, the amount of data generated has gone through the roof. The emergence of big data tools has made possible to tackle a large chunk of this data. Through this struggle for controlling and utilizing the data a crazy thing happened. An essentially academic subject called data science was call forth to serve for the mainstream business needs. Simply speaking data science became hip.

Data Science Shows Promise In India

Data science is a deep subject and a data scientist is a heavily loaded word; you cannot fling it around. Being a data scientist means having deep statistical and mathematical prowess as well as in depth knowledge of all data centric operations. And with all this being there, it is experience that really helps you mature as a data scientist. You cannot just claim the job of a data scientist even after getting a PhD in Data science. Experience is of paramount importance. But you need to start somewhere. Bangalore is the best destination if you want to start your data science education in India. Data science institutes in Bangalore are really playing a vital role in decorating the Indian analytics field with well trained and skilled workers. Many of these analysts or data engineers will go on to become successful data scientists, this much we can hope.

India has always been a convenient destination for global companies to look for cheap reliable talent. The good thing about the analytics industry is that it marks the steady growth of Indian domestic industry. Startups are coming up with new ideas about using data analytics in new ways, service based companies are forming in large numbers. Trained analysts are getting jobs within the country and taking part in the economical growth of the country. The small companies are actually seeing data analytics and data science as opportunities. Leading Data science institute Bangalore are creating ample scope for enthusiasts and aspirants to chase their dreams.