How To Get A Perfect Score On Your SAT

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Let’s face it: education is extremely important. Education can get you extraordinarily far in life these days. In fact, a college degree is required for almost every job out there, it seems. Unfortunately, in most cases, getting your college degree is strikingly similar to getting your high school diploma. You know how your mom got her administrative assistant job without spending an extra day in high school? Well, nowadays getting that same position would require a degree and probably five internships.

The only difference between high school and college is that it is tremendously easier than the hours of studying and all-nighters you will have to take on during the duration of your college career. Oh, and high school isn’t as full of parties, but we aren’t worried about that yet.

How To Get A Perfect Score On Your SAT

Some students can choose to go to a community college for two years and then transfer to another college, but for students who are absolutely dead set on getting that perfect SAT score to enter a prestigious and highly reputable university, here are a few tips and tricks:

  1.  Determine which areas are your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you know punctuation like the back of your hand, can spell the word “agoraphobic” off of the top of your head, and understand what it means to write in third person, English is probably one of your strengths. However, if the mere thought of a fraction sends you running for the hills, you had better brush up on your mathematics immediately.
  2. Once you have discovered which subjects are your strengths and weaknesses, study your weaknesses intensely. If Science is too difficult of a subject for you to tolerate, you might want to ask your teacher for additional time after class to discuss certain topics. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions during class, either. But studying alone will help quite a bit as well.
  3.  Read as much as you can. Set aside a specific amount of time each day to read about a particular subject you aren’t feeling too confident about. After you have finished studying, it’s perfectly fine to reward yourself with some Facebook or cell phone time.
  4. Consider an SAT tutor in the Bay Area for some additional assistance. In case studying on your own hasn’t helped you much with your journey to educational growth, an SAT tutor can help you with all of your weaknesses. He or she can determine which areas need additional work, and which areas are running perfectly well.
  5. Once you feel as though you are ready to ace the SAT, make sure to have a really good night’s sleep. It is better to be well-rested before an important exam. If you exhaust yourself the night before, you might make more errors than you had wanted.

Education, once again, is hugely important. If you are striving to receive a perfect SAT score, the above five tips will help you to succeed and eventually end up in the college of your dreams.