How To Use Deformulation Services To Beat Your Competition

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As a business owner it is important to understand your competition regardless of your industry. You should always be aware of what your competition is doing to drive success as well as what efforts were less successful. This will help you to understand the best strategies for your business to utilize as well as which tactics to avoid. Your number one goal as a business owner should be to deliver high-quality service to your customers or clients and to always remain above the competition. One great way to help you to beat out your competition is through the utilization of deformulation services to help you to break down your competitors products and to better understand what they are composed of.

You may be wondering what deformulation is, as this term is not used frequently by the business world. Whereas formulation means to create something, deformulation is the exact opposite — you are breaking products down. Deformulation is often referred to as reverse chemical engineering and is used to determine specifically which ingredients, chemicals, and components were used to manufacture a product. Some of the most common products to undergo deformulation services include those made of polymer, paint, pharmaceuticals, and ink. When businesses use deformulation services against their competitor’s products they will learn not only what a product is made of, but how much of each ingredient is used in the product.

How To Use Deformulation Services To Beat Your Competition

Learning all of the details about your competitor’s products is extremely valuable for business owners. Have you ever had a product that was ALMOST perfect, but not quite? There always seems to something that can be improved upon in a product whether it is the scent, the texture, or even the chemicals used. These days, people are becoming more and more aware of the harmful effects some chemicals have on the environment. If you learn through deformulation services that your competitor is using harmful substances in their products you can use it to your advantage to create a similar product with alternative chemicals that will not harm the environment and that will appeal to more customers and help your business to prosper.

Deformulation services are also extremely beneficial from a legal standpoint. For example, what if one day a competitor tries to sue your business for a product that you sell? There are a number of reasons a competitor could sue your business including false claims/advertising and plagiarism/copyright infringement Deformulation can provide evidence to confirm precisely what it is in your product that can be presented in court to defend you against these claims. In addition, many companies that offer chemical analysis services including deformulation often offer to run patent checks as well. This is crucial because even if evidence shows that a product was copied, it often will not matter in court unless there is a patent for the product. Similarly, you can use the same methods against your competition if you suspect them of stealing your product ideas or making false claims about their own products. Anyone can make a claim, but deformulation services will provide the truth.

As you can see, deformulation services are extremely beneficial for business owners. It can help them to gain a better understanding of what makes a competitor’s product a success or a failure. I also offers a clear pathway for them to create better products than what their competitors currently have to offer.